Big Tech Censorship

Big Tech Censorship

Big tech censoring free thought is becoming more partisan and more blatant each year, causing many Internet users to switch to Web3 and blockchain domains. Web 3 and blockchain technology is our escape door from the proverbial prison cell our authorities want to lock us into.

Remember just a few years ago when shadow banning was a 'conspiracy theory?' Now, shadow banning and even outright banning are mainstream, and up to half the general public supports censoring the ideas they disagree with.

Big Tech, Big Bro, and MSM have merged to take away our first amendment and brainwash us via the censoring of ideas and tightly controlling the flow of information. The result of Big Tech discrimination is that we now have right and left-wing echo chambers but no real places that promote free speech for all. That is until now. Welcome to Hashtag Org.

How to Get Around Big Tech Censoring

#HashtagSpace is much more than another NFT domain name registrar. #HashtagSpace is a leader in the decentralization movement, providing a host of decentralized Web 3 services, such as:

  • decentralized gaming
  • decentralized video streaming
  • decentralized email
  • decentralized social media
  • decentralized search

Our goal is to curtail Big Tech censorship and to provide a voice for the voiceless. We hope you will support #HashtagSpace in our mission to liberate words, buy a hashtag domain, and use the decentralized platform.

Why Does Big Tech Censor People?

Big Tech censorship is motivated by a variety of factors. These companies want to maintain their public image, stifle dissent, and protect their bottom line. By silencing voices that challenge the status quo, Big Tech companies can keep users on their platforms and make more money from ad dollars.

The Moral Claim for Why Big Tech Censorship Has to Stop

Censorship of any kind has a chilling effect on intellectual discourse and freedom of expression. People should feel safe to express their opinions without fear of retribution or censorship. We believe there is a moral imperative for Big Tech companies to end censorship and uphold the right to free speech and open debate.

Furthermore, censorship is a slippery slope. There are at least two notable problems with Big Tech censorship:

Big Tech censorship is implemented by a central authority. This authority gets to describe which content is acceptable and what viewpoints are not allowed.

Given that authorities, like all people, have biases and preferences, the ideas they don't like can either be banned or shadow banned. They can bend the lines to make virtually any ideas "racist," "hateful," or "homophobic."

For example, a Christian might say, "Because of my religious beliefs, I can not condone same-sex marriage." This is not hateful or homophobic, but the biased authority who decides what to censor can say that it is. This is problem with a centralized authority. #HashtagSpace and Web 3 help to get over this hurdle.

The second problem with Big Tech censorship is that it's a slipper slope. For example, it starts off with a few things and then leads to many others.

Next thing you know, there is an entire dictionary of words you can't say because virtue signaling becomes more important than truth, and being in the right group becomes more important than tolerating all sorts of ideas.

Join the Free Speech Decentralized Movement at #HashtagSpace to Stop Big Tech Censorship

We invite you to join us in our mission to stop Big Tech censorship by supporting #HashtagSpace. Get involved in Web 3, buy a #domain, and earn affiliate awards all right here at #HashtagSpace.

If enough people get tired of Big Tech censorship and start using Web 3 decentralized services, Big Tech will take note, and maybe we can stop the tyranny once and for all.

Indeed, Big tech censorship is a growing problem that has far-reaching implications. It disempowers individuals and limits the free exchange of ideas, which tarnishes our society's commitment to freedom of speech. While Big Tech companies may be able to censor individual users, they cannot silence the collective voice of the people. Join #HashtagSpace and be a part of the free speech decentralized movement! Together, we can make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Thank you for your support!