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Black Owned Media

Black Owned Media

Black-Owned Media is on the rise, and 360Wise is one of the best examples of the trend. This marketing agency has proved to be incredibly successful when delivering some of the country's greatest influencer strategies, and its large pool of pleased clients is there as evidence.

Historically, black-owned companies have lagged behind traditional media companies, which usually take for granted the role of minorities in the contemporary world. Luckily, black digital publishers like the ones at 360Wise have changed the state of things by offering top-of-the-line services for brands all over the world.

Many brands might still wonder which are the benefits of choosing a black-owned media company for their business. We have you covered, as we have prepared a list of reasons that show why picking this kind of company will skyrocket your brand and maximize the potential of the product or service you offer. Take a look!

Reducing the racial wealth gap

It is known that there is a great discrepancy between the wealth of the black population in comparison to other social groups in the United States. This is mainly due to historical and cultural reasons, but nowadays, there is no excuse to fuel such injustice.

Hiring black-owned newspapers and media companies will not only make you part of the much necessary change of wealth distribution, but it will also provide your brand with a fresh approach to the markets you are targeting.

Strengthening communities should be a national goal

Every time a small business thrives the community in which it works flourishes. One way to overcome the systematic discrimination against African American communities is to trust their ability to provide equal and ever better services than traditional ones.

By supporting black-owned media companies, you'll guarantee the wellbeing of hundreds of families and employees that are related to it. This also potentiates further investment as it proves to other brands and artists that the services provided by these companies are effective and reliable.

It's always better to have more entrepreneurs
If something that genuinely contributes to the overall growth of a nation's economy is the number of businesses within its frontiers. Unfortunately, African American communities hadn't had the chance to prove their value as the difficulties they encounter are greater than the average.

Changing our consumption habits will fuel how these companies obtain capital and are therefore able to keep growing. As these companies manage to create wealth, their access to business loans and other types of benefits (that should be equal to everybody) will be guaranteed.

Achieving this puts the economy in a better place, as more and more entrepreneurs are able to offer different kinds of services by reaching even larger audiences.

Holding traditional companies accountable

Many companies have been severely criticized due to the way they chose to do business. From offensive marketing strategies to blatant discrimination, controversies that demonstrate systematic racism are all over the place.

The best way to hold these companies accountable is to divert the money they get from us. Not only because it proves a point, but especially because it provides African American businesses with an opportunity to prove that revenues can be made without denigrating any particular minority, religion, or sexual orientation.

Let's celebrate black culture

All the countries in the world celebrate their national identity regardless of the skin color of their inhabitants. We have reached a moment in history when racism has become intolerable, but such a worldview must be complemented with genuine actions that demonstrate how proud we are of sharing our national identity with all the communities that make our country as special as it is.

It is time to support our fellow citizens by trusting their ability to create wealth, provide amazing services and contribute to our economy. There are no more excuses to turn our heads on the issue; the moment for black-owned companies to thrive has come, and it's our collective responsibility to make such a trend a permanent one.

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