Blockchain Domain Name System

Blockchain Domain Name System

Blockchain domain name systems are the future of the Internet and Metaverse. For those of us who are old enough to remember the early days of dial up Internet, it was very rudimentary compared to the Internet of today, as amazing as it was at the time.

It's sort of the same way with blockchain domain name systems; they are amazing as they are, but we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of their potential.

Just as the Old Net became the New Net or Web 1 became Web 2, Web 3 is here, but it's in its infancy years. The best is yet to come with Web 3. And that's where Hashtag Org comes in.

#Hashtag Domain Name Registrar

#HashtagSpace is home of the Hashtag #domain name, a service that makes branding and pointing people to your blockchain domain name a cinch! Hashtag #domains are memorable, powerful, and effective. Plus, #domain buyers automatically qualify for our crypto affiliate program, where you can earn up to 50% of each sale you recommend.

Blockchain domain name systems are the pillar of the decentralized Internet, and #HashtagSpace is proud to be leading the decentralization movement with each of you that decide to buy a #domain and participate in owning a piece of web 3 infrastructure.

Web 2 Compared to Web 3

Web 2 is the current Web that we all know and use. Web 2 is centralized and controlled from the top-down, and that is why we have Big Tech censorship, deplatforming, debanking, and depersoning.

The other side of the current centralized DNS architecture is espionage, privacy, and security breaches. Centralized apps share information and create living profiles on their users, but the blockchain domain name system breaks up the top-down control of Web 2.

What are the Advantages of the Decentralized Blockchain Domain Name System?

The main advantage of the blockchain domain name system is that it provides a level of censorship-resistance. The domain is not owned by anyone, meaning no one can take down your website or decide what you can and cannot say on the web.

A decentralized domain also offers additional privacy, as all traffic to and from the site is encrypted and routed through a decentralized network. Your site can still be discovered, but no one will know who owns the domain or who is accessing it.

Plus, because blockchain domains are hosted on multiple distributed networks around the world, they are more resilient to cyber attacks, natural disasters, and other disruptions.

For those of us who want to express our freedom of speech and protect our privacy, #HashtagSpaceis the perfect choice. Buy your #hashtagdomain today and join the decentralized revolution!

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