Copy Machine Rental Nyc

Copy Machine Rental Nyc

Today’s copy machines are an important part of any office document management system. Unlike the older copy machines, the modern versions of these office machines are basically computers that can scan, fax, print in addition to copying. However, as copy machine has become more advanced in technology, the costs associated with it has also gone up.

Now, several companies are leasing copy machines rather than buying it outright. If your company is thinking about copy machines rental NYC, contact Legend Business Group, Inc. to guarantee the best rent terms. To help guide your firm to make the right decision, keep the following benefits of renting or leasing a copy machine in mind.

Keep up with technology

Copy machine technology is continuously improving, and leasing rather than purchasing gives your firm the option of upgrading to the newly-released model during the lease period. This process ensures your workers have access to more advanced and the latest technology in the world of a copy machine. Purchasing the copy machine places the burden of replacing and upgrading the equipment solely on you. While leasing a copy machine gives you the freedom to upgrade to high-end technology equipment as soon as it hit the market.

Want to stop paying for repair costs on copy machine?

When you work with Legend Business Group, Inc. for your copy machine lease, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or repair cost. We will deliver all the copy machine required each month, including all the necessary attachments. In addition, Legend Business Group, Inc. has a short-guaranteed response time on all services provided, ensuring that your firm doesn’t have to worry for long whenever our service is required.


Small businesses usually have limited capital at their disposal. It is more important to focus their financial resources on exploring business opportunities and making acquisitions that appreciate over time than to invest in office equipment that will only lose value within a few years. Avoiding huge investment in equipment like copy machines keeps your line of credit available for more important business requirement. To further reduce the initial payout, lease agreements may even contain the cost of supplies needed.

What every tax advantage you can get?

Copy machine leasing offers a distinct tax advantage over purchasing it. Both the owned and leased printers/copy machine falls under the Section 179 deduction when firms file taxes. If you purchase a copy machine, you may only deduct the equipment depreciation, which is usually 40% of the purchasing price the first year, after which, it reduces to 25% in succeeding years. But if you lease or rent a copy machine, the payment is considered a pre-tax business cost, this means you can deduct the whole payment each time it’s made.

Contact Legend Business Group, Inc. to learn about our copy machine rental NYC

If you believe that renting or leasing a copy machine is the right choice for your business, contact Legend Business Group, Inc. today to learn more about our copy machine rental and leasing programs. Our representatives are ready to work with you to get the best copy machine which is most suitable for your business requirement.

Copy Machine Rental Nyc
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Copy Machine Rental Nyc
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