Tampa Payment Processing

Tampa Payment Processing

Customers rarely carry cash anymore. Whether shopping online or in person, customers need to be able to utilize a variety of payment methods. Your business could lose valuable sales if you don’t accept all forms of payments. You can streamline the process and make it easier and more efficient when you use a Tampa payment processing company. Pass Thru Merchant Services partners with a variety of companies to provide all types of payment processing.

Types of Tampa Payment Processing

 There are several main forms of payments that might need to be processed. These include debit cards, credit cards and checks. Many people use their debit cards as they do cash. A debit card is a convenient method of payment and it helps people keep track of their spending. A debit card is directly linked to a bank account so the money comes out of the account on an immediate basis.

Credit cards have been in use for many years and they are still a very common method of purchase. You can choose which major credit card companies that you wish to accept. Typically, businesses accept both Visa and MasterCard but the choice is up to you. When you limit the types of credit cards your business accepts you can limit customer sales.

Checks are another main form of payment. You can choose to accept checks through a Tampa payment processing company. You can effectively convert checks to instantly debit a customer’s account so there is no need to deposit a check and wait for funds. This allows you to accept checks more readily because you don’t take a risk that the customer’s check will bounce.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

When you want to boost sales even more you can adopt a loyalty program as well as sell gift cards to your store. Gift cards are an excellent opportunity to make fast sales but you need to have a method in place for accepting gift card payments. This can be done with help from a Tamps payment processing company.

Loyalty programs are very common and offer customers a bonus for spending money at your business. Customers accumulate points for purchases and can then redeem them on future purchases. These transactions have to be properly processed in order to provide customers with their discounts while ensuring a smooth sale.

It is important to choose a payment processing company that offers safe, reliable and efficient transactions. Both you and your customers need to know that when a card is used for a sale it will not negatively impact their account. Safe transactions are essential because a security breach could have a serious negative impact on your company’s finances and reputation.

Pass Thru Merchant Services offers reliable and secure transactions for all types of businesses. We partner with a variety of companies to provide safe and dependable payment processing services. We also offer cash advances and 12 or 24 month loans to businesses that qualify. Contact us today to learn more about our high quality merchant service options.

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